Do you want to make a request to view or delete your personal data?

If you want to access your data or no longer wish to use our products and/or your Talpa Network account, you can submit a request to view or delete your data.


Option 1:

To delete all your data, we refer you to our online privacy form. Clearly indicate that it concerns the removal of a JUKE account.


Option 2:

You can use your email address for JUKE by submitting a correction request via online privacy form. Clearly state the e-mail address to be changed and the new e-mail address and state that it is for using JUKE.

In some cases, however, Talpa Network cannot delete your data, for example if you still have a subscription or if a legal (financial) retention period applies. Deleting your data also means that your preferences on all other Talpa Network websites and apps will disappear.

How long will it take until I receive a response to my request for access or deletion?

We always strive to do this as quickly as possible, but in any case always within the legal term of one month after receipt of the request.