Listen to JUKE while driving with Android Auto. Just plug in your Android phone and get quick access to all popular radio stations. Android Auto is the smart, safe way to enjoy radio.

Apple CarPlay is compatible with selected cars.

Need some extra help with the installation? Follow the steps below (if you are parked safely, of course) and you are ready to go:


Make sure your Android phone is connected to your vehicle with a USB cable and that Android Auto is properly configured. Android Auto usually launches automatically as soon as you connect. Note: If you have Android 9 or lower, download the Android Auto app on your phone. Android Auto is already built-in from Android 10, so you don't need the app to get started.


On the Android Auto dashboard, you will see several app icons. Find and tap the JUKE app icon. Of course, we assume that the JUKE app is already on your phone. If not, first download the JUKE app on your phone from the Google Play Store.


Navigate within the JUKE app on your screen to the functions you want, such as radio stations, non-stop music and podcasts. You do this by tapping the relevant menu options on your vehicle's screen.

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